…for the most important day of your life

Your wedding is perhaps the single most important day of your life. Although the wedding will be over in just a few short hours; your wedding photographs are something you want to cherish for the rest of your lives. When choosing your wedding photographer, remember that quality photography involves more than just being able to operate a camera. Our associate wedding photographers have decades of experience to help create memories that will last a lifetime.

Wedding Photojournalism

Defining photojournalistic wedding photography

Photojournalistic wedding photography is an un-posed and undirected visual narrative of your wedding day. True wedding photojournalists have an unobtrusive presence that allows them to capture un-staged moments without interfering in their creation or altering the scene.

I will not mince my words: photojournalistic wedding photography is the most authentic and true-to-life representation of your wedding day; it’s an unpretentious and honest glimpse at a pivotal moment in your personal history.

A photojournalist’s influence over a photograph is limited to their timing, field of view, and the exposure settings on their cameras. Wedding photojournalism involves a great sense of anticipation, creativity, and quick thinking.

The results are a truly timeless photographic representation of your wedding day, its spirit, your love and union, and the wonderful cast of characters that are your family and close friends.

Of course we till give you your more formal and group portraits. We always strongly encourage couples to set aside about 25 minutes for posed family photos. We suggest you designate someone familiar with the families to have a list of the groups you want photographed, so while we are setting up the first group, they can be rounding up the next group ready to go and the next and so on. This is usually right after the ceremony. This helps to ensure that everyone of note ends up being photographed at least once. Followed by about an hour for the formal wedding party photos at the location of your choice.

Gallery Slide Show

Wedding photography is about utilizing artistic techniques to capture moments and emotions; and create memories to last a lifetime. Along with technical expertise, our specialist wedding photographer is skilled at working with people; arranging individuals and groups to capture a variety of moods and themes. Years of experience enable our photographer to operate in an unobtrusive manner, with a sensitive understanding of each step of the wedding process.


Dress Code

It doesn’t matter what we’d usually wear to a wedding, we are representing the brand of The Photographers. So we dress to match (hopefully not identically though!). We need to stay on-brand so we look like a unit. If its a black tie wedding, we wear a black tie. If its a casual dress code, we dress casually.

We keep this in mind for the whole day. We are representing The Photographers. So we smile, have fun and enjoy capturing stunning images for our client.

A 2nd Shooter

Wedding Photography 7
2nd Shooter available

What is a 2nd Shooter

A good 2nd Shooter at a wedding is great fun. But there are responsibilities that come with being a second shooter. As a professional wedding photographer, I love having a second shooter I can trust at my weddings, it means that I know I don’t have to worry about the candid’s so much, I’ll have an assistant for setting up my lighting in the evening or corralling people into the space that I need them for any formal shots. But more importantly they are able to get those interesting and creative angles the main photographer just cants get. This is why my wife Christine is my perfect second shooter.

Don’t Shadow

During the day, it’s important that as a second shooter they are not shadowing the primary photographer. Their goal is to get candid’s throughout the day from different angles than the primary. Not just more of the same.

They must always try to be conscious of where the primary is and try not to get in their shots. Especially during the ceremony. During the ceremony, I generally ask my second to stand on the same side as me, so if one of us is at the front and one at the back, we will both be to the left-hand side of the marriage celebrant. This means when shooting diagonally across the couple, we both know our backgrounds will be clear of each other.

Get in Sync

On the morning of the wedding we sync the clocks on our cameras. We take a picture of our phones showing the time at the start of the day, this will help the primary time-sync the images after the fact.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to edit a wedding when everything is out of order!

Have Fun

Most of all, we just have fun! Being a second shooter is great, and although they have some responsibility, its all about producing stunning images for our wedding couple.

A second shooter loves the freedom from the admin and editing that comes with it, just being able to concentrate on capturing beautiful moments and then going home and putting their feet up, is great!


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