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The Photographers Marketing Network

Become an Associate Photographer

This is your opportunity to join our network to become an associate photographer. The best way to describe us is that we are a TEAM! Our group is made up of talented professional photographers from different regions with decades of combined industry experience. Our extensive photographic training and experience gives us unmatched versatility and resources. We use our team concept and apply it to weddings, corporate events and commercial photography by offering the right photographer for every job.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is one of the hardest parts of any photography business. Not only do you need to market your brand to show your photography skills, but you also need to know how to market in a way that gets the attention of potential clients online.

Unlike other industries, photography professionals need to stand out from the amateur and want-to-be photographers in their region. You need to build your marketing plan around building a relationship with potential clients, while also showing how your photography will benefit your ideal client.

This means that you need to use marketing ideas that show your personality, professionalism, and help you become an influencer in your area.

The biggest problem a single photographer has is we can spend a lot of money on marketing, but we can only take on so many jobs before we have to turn work away. What can we do with the surplus? The advantage of being a member of a marketing network is you can share the costs of marketing and not have to turn any business away because there is always someone else in the network we can call on to pass the surplus work on to.

Each professional photographer in our network is independent and your advertising on this site is linked directly with your own business website. The more links we have from this website to our members websites, the higher we are in the Google SEO Ranking on a Google search. We are aiming to be on the top 5 search results in New Zealand.

Support & Inspire

We’re here to support each other’s work and inspire the work of others. We share our perspectives from a diverse set of skills, businesses, and styles. Come along with us as you continue your photography journey.

Each of our Associate Photographers must sign up to our code of conduct. Each member of our team must be committed to being courteous and professional from the first contact to the delivered product. And strive to blend in and not be the center of attention, yet always be there to capture that split-second shot. Our team also needs to be extremely fun and easy to work with.

We are looking for professional photographers to join our Marketing Network. You keep your own identity but become an associate of The Photographers Network. This provides us as a group the ability to. …
  • Call on other members of the group to photograph jobs where we need a second shooter, or more.
  • Offer services you don’t currently offer, like Drone Photography that otherwise you would have to turn down.
  • It allows our members to gain advise from others experience and much more.
  • Hire equipment for shoots we don’t often do, without having to buy it.

Cost of Joining Our Network

We are offering free 12 month membership for the first photographer in any region that joins us. After that we can discuss the benefits and come up with a mutually beneficial price.

Talk to us about joining today

If you are a professional Photographer from a region we currently don’t cover. Please Contact Us to discus joining our Marketing Network today.