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Real Estate Photography Price Lists. As at 31/11/2019.

Professional Real Estate Photography Specialists

When viewing online home listings, where do potential home buyers spend 80% of their time, and what gets their attention?

The answer is professional photography!

There’s a fundamental shift happening in the real estate industry (and the web in general) and professional photos are playing a key part in the success of many businesses.

The importance of professional photography in the real estate industry should not be underestimated. You will discover what the major successful Real Estate companies are doing to get real results with professional photos! 

With internet marketing you have a 20 second window to get a potential buyer’s attention. DRONE Photography is ideal for farms and lifestyle blocks​ , as well as those hard to get to properties, or just when you want to make a property stand out from the rest. We will help set you apart from ordinary real estate marketing with stunning photography that will give potential buyers the ‘WOW’ factor. Combo Deals ​

DRONE Aerial Photos​, Twilight Photos, HDR Property Photos. Choose a package that will suit your property the best and get an unbeatable combination that will make your property stand out from the rest. Please talk to us about volume discounts.

Property Photography

HDR Property Photography ​

High dynamic range (HDR)​ images enable photographers to record a greater range of tonal detail than a camera could capture in a single photo. This opens up a whole new set of lighting possibilities which one might have previously avoided — for purely technical reasons. The new “merge to HDR” feature accomplishes this by combining a series of bracketed exposures into a single image, which encompasses the tonal detail of the entire series, which are then merged together into one photo.

Bringing your image to life online.

HDR Panoramic Photography

What is Panoramic Photography?

Real Estate Photography Retail Price List 5

Panoramic photography comes from a sequence of images that are sewn together with photo stitching software. A Panoramic photo is created when you turn a camera slightly to the right for each different frame. Creating a stunning image to wow your potential buyer.

Did you know that years ago before computers were around, students of panoramic photography would take prints, lay them out on a table and position them over each other where they overlapped and used sticky tape to hold them together!!

Bringing your image to life online.

HDR Twilight Photography

What is a Twilight Photo?

Real Estate Photography Retail Price List 6

A twilight photo is taken usually of the exterior of the property, at dusk. It is used to showcase landscape/property lighting, pool lighting and features like fire pits, and also to showcase a beautiful sunset. Agents like twilight photos because they “look cool”, and they are different from the regular exterior shot. They are more likely to grab the attention of the buyer when a home search is performed and thumbnails of properties are returned

Bringing your image to life online.

Included in the price:

  • Exterior front / back / sides where applicable
  • Garden and out buildings – where applicable
  • Interior shots – including all rooms, bathrooms, garages
  • a small selection of detail shots

All real estate property photography includes:

  • All images shot in RAW HDR Format.
  • Shoot time / Post editing – South Waikato includes fuel and travel time.
  • Unlimited professionally edited photo’s in JPEG format. One set of Printing files, and one set of Website/Viewing files. TIFF Files and other formats are available on request.


Floor plans for real estate

Our cutting-edge floor plans are another vital marketing tool to ensure that your property stands out from the competition – almost all buyers demand a floor plan now, and you could be missing out on valuable inquiries.

“Over a third of buyers said that they were less likely to inquire about a property without a floor-plan …
1 in 5 buyers would ignore a property listing completely, or only re-visit it if there was nothing else that caught their eye, if a property was without a floor-plan”

The benefits of using a floor plan ensures that purchasers can envisage the floor layout,
including dimensions, room descriptions and so forth (VERY important for overseas buyers).

In addition, floor plans capture areas of the house that might not otherwise be photographed, such as en-suites and storage areas.

A floor plan will also help a buyer remember your property after they have visited!

These floorplans are only a representation of the property and are not an accurate survey. If you want a proper surveyed floorplan then the cost would be in the vicinity of $1500.00 – $3500.00 depending on the size of the property.

<<< Tips on how to prepare your property for a photo-shoot that will help sell it fast >>>

Property Photography Prices

  1. Small house / flat  max 2 bedroom … $199.00
  2. Medium house – max 3 bedroom …… $245.00
  3. Large house – max 4 bedroom ………. $299.00
  4. Farm or Lifestyle Blocks ………………….. $350.00
  5. Twilight Photography, plus …………….. $130.00
  6. Panorama Photos, plus …………………… $95.00
  7. Floorplans ……………………………….. from $199.00
  8. Trade Prices ………………………………………. POA
  9. NB: Floorplans and Property Photoshoots are for the main dwelling and attachments only. Properties with multiple dwellings etc. need to be quoted.
  10. Travel Time may be added

Drone Photography

Drone Photography
Drone Photography

Real Estate industry’s use of small, unmanned helicopters takes off.
In light of the exciting new technology available today, we have purchased a Quad-copter for affordable high quality aerial photos and videos.

“This is not a gimmick — this is the future.”

Real estate agents tend to rely on traditional methods to sell homes, but now many successful agencies are spreading their wings by using remote-control drones to better promote their listings.  A growing array of businesses are rushing to explore how to use drone technology in a variety of ways — from real estate and commercial photography to crop management and product delivery. Read more>>>

With this added to our range of Nikon equipment and digital imaging technology, makes us the best choice for your Real Estate Photography.

You will find our professional Real Estate Photography services are very competitive. Please talk to us about our services, so that you can have a full appreciation of what we are offering to help you sell more properties.

Drone Photography Prices

  • Residential properties – from $245.00
  • Rural Farm and Lifestyle Properties – from $295.00
  • Trade Prices ………………………………………………….. POA


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20% discount when you book both HDR Property and Drone Photography at the same time.

Mobile Studio PR Portrait Photos

The Photographers specialize in corporate portraits for businesses and professional individuals. Especially those who want to put the very best image of themselves forward in their marketing.

Styles of portrait we offer

To overly simplify things there are two styles of corporate portrait we offer. The first is a portrait which puts the subject (person) in context. This style of portrait is photographed in a location which is connected with their profession. This style tells a story and has a more real or believable feel when compared to the second style.

The second style is a portrait with a plain background. There portraits are very clean and really put the emphasis on the person who is having their portrait taken. They are also great if you need to insert your portrait over the top of a background in future marketing. The background can easily be removed which is known by web and graphic designers as being  clear cut, or deep etching the background.

The second style is a portrait with a plain background. There portraits are very clean and really put the emphasis on the person who is having their portrait taken. They are also great if you need to insert your portrait over the top of a background in future marketing. The background can easily be removed which is known by web and graphic designers as being  clear cut, or deep etching the background.

Whichever style of portrait you require it can be completed at your location with portable studio lighting and backgrounds. We can set these up in any medium sized room.

Bringing your image to life online.

Retouching of Selected Portraits

Once the shoot itself has been completed retouching comes into play. We create retouched images which are very flattering but still realistic. A host of retouching tricks to help your portrait shine without looking overly retouched or fake.

Again and again our clients are blown away by how good their portraits look. This feedback is something a portrait photographer never gets tired of

Bringing your image to life online.

Portable Lighting & Background System

Most of our corporate portraits are completed on location in our clients offices, or homes. This gives people a hand in feeling comfortable in front of the camera. It also means there is less downtime away from your or your staffs work. We use a portable photographic background and lighting system. This means we can complete portraits of any style at the location of your choice and convenience.

Bringing your image to life online.

PR Portrait Photos – Retail Price List

  • Package AOne Person – Sitting fee $159.00.
  • Package B: Group Photos. Up to 4 people (Individuals plus a group) – Sitting fee – $199.00.
  • Package C: Team Photos – Sitting fee $249.00
  • Each Package includes a set of Low Resolution Proofs plus $99.00 per edited image.
  • Major retouching or artwork can be quoted
  • Travel cost is normally $0.75 per km outside of Tokoroa or Putaruru
  • Trade Prices ………………………………………………………. POA
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We offer trade discounts to Real Estate Agents or other regular users of our services. Contact-Us Today>>>

<<< Tips on how to prepare your property for a photo-shoot that will help sell it fast >>>

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