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Corporate photography is any type of photography or videography used for promoting a company’s brand, products and services. Businesses also use corporate photography and videography to document social events and create visual content for internal newsletters, quarterly reports, and marketing material.

Retail Price List

Mobile Portrait Studio Photos

The Photographers specialize in corporate portraits for businesses and professional individuals. Especially those who want to put the very best image of themselves forward in their marketing.

Styles of portrait we offer

To overly simplify things there are two styles of corporate portrait we offer. The first is a portrait which puts the subject (person) in context. This style of portrait is photographed in a location which is connected with their profession. This style tells a story and has a more real or believable feel when compared to the second style.

The second style is a portrait with a plain background. There portraits are very clean and really put the emphasis on the person who is having their portrait taken. They are also great if you need to insert your portrait over the top of a background in future marketing. The background can easily be removed which is known by web and graphic designers as being  clear cut, or deep etching the background.

Whichever style of portrait you require it can be completed at your location with portable studio lighting and backgrounds. We can set these up in any medium sized room.

Retouching of selected portraits

Once the shoot itself has been completed retouching comes into play. We create retouched images which are very flattering but still realistic. A host of retouching tricks to help your portrait shine without looking overly retouched or fake.

Again and again our clients are blown away by how good their portraits look. This feedback is something a portrait photographer never gets tired of.

Portable lighting and background system

Most of our corporate portraits are completed on location in our clients offices, or homes. This gives people a hand in feeling comfortable in front of the camera. It also means there is less downtime away from your or your staffs work. We use a portable photographic background and lighting system. This means we can complete portraits of any style at the location of your choice and convenience.

  1. One Person – $159.00
  2. Up to 4 people. Individuals plus group shot – $199.00
  3. Travel cost is normally $1.00 per km.

Event Photography

The Photographers are a skilled team of professional event photographers in Waikato and Bay of Plenty who have captured hundreds of functions, events and award ceremonies throughout the regions. Well groomed and dressed The Photographers team work behind the scenes to successfully document the big moments at your event. Experienced in both photography and event videography, The Photographers use quality gear and take the time to discuss projects with clients, ensuring that the brief is well defined and understood by all. Event photography that captures the true vibe and spirit of your event, The Photographers help NZ businesses showcase their events to the world.

  1. Up to 4 hours – from $450.00
  2. Up to 8 hours – from $800.00
  3. Travel cost is normally $1.00 per km

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