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Who we are:

The Photographers is a professional photography company specializing in commercial photography. We provide real estate agents, brokers, interior designers and commercial property owners in Central North Island communities with professional quality photographs and virtual tours.

What is commercial photography?

In a nutshell, commercial photography means taking photos for commercial use. And by commercial, we mean for business, for sales, for money. Commercial photography is often associated with advertisements, sales pitches, brochures, product placements as well as merchandising. Commercial photography is also used in business cards, corporate brochures as well as leaflets, menus, advertorials and press photos (those that you insert when sending out press releases or media blasts). There are various types of commercial photography applications.

PR Photography

Public Relations Photography is essentially a form of commercial photography with a news angle, a PR photographer is commissioned to create images for a business, organisation or individual’s news usage. … It is a cliched thing to say, that a picture can tell a thousand words, though this couldn’t be truer with PR photography

Environmental Portraits

What Is an Environmental Portrait?

Environmental portrait photography has nothing to do with climate change.
It is different than environmental photography or environmentalist pictures.

This means taking photos of people in their work environment.
For example, we may go to a plant nursery and take photos of some of the employees tending to the plants. We’re showing how the nursery maintains a high level of care for their products.

Environmental portrait photography is making an illustration of a person in their environment. It’s a portrait in which the person can be connected to the location they are in.
Good environmental portraits will tell a strong story of their subject. Their immediate natural surroundings will give the viewer insight. Into who the person is, what they do and where they are. Read more>>>

Commercial Photography 7

Real Estate Photography

Get Your Listing Noticed!

Having quality photos can determine whether the buyer becomes interested or moves on. The property needs to stand out from the competition and compel them to put your listing in their must see list. Our real estate photography will make your listing hard to overlook. Read more>>>

Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography